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Calling all brunettes! 'Cause Ryan Gosling is available and lookin' to make some über hot babies

And since the hopeless romantic apparently can't top his two exes (namely, Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock) we turn to you to name the best brunette for the deliciously blonde bad-boy. 

So, who should it be?

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Let's start with the not-so-obvious but still oh-so-hot choice—our favorite S&M lover, Rihanna

Now, we know RiRi likes to date bad boys, and after a rocky love-life, gal is uber-focused on her career. Sound familiar, Ry?

But if Rihanna is too perfectly bad for Ry, then maybe someone with a more subtle 'tude suits him better...Mila Kunis, perhaps?

We all know the gal is hotter than ever, and her Black Swan sex scenes prove Mila can keep up with Ry any day. Plus, the girl could use a stable guy like Ryan after her reported fling with Justin Timberlake and break-up with longtime love, Macaulay Culkin. Time for Mila to find a real man (and Gosling most definitely is) who can hang in her A-list scene. 

But if Ry's not down for Mila, maybe we should go with his original Disneyland date, Eva Mendes? The two seemed to have (a bit) of chemistry on their wholesome outing, but we have a feeling Eva is just too good-girl for our bad boy. 

So maybe Lea Michele would be more to our dude's liking? Girl has looks, 'tude, and talent for days. She could definitely keep up with Ryan's career, but may be a little too high maintenance for our Ry-guy? 

So that leaves his old-love, Sandra Bullock, who Gosling clearly adores, but could it work again?

We leave you to decide. 

Awful¿s Who Is The Best Brunette for Gosling Poll:
Which brunette do you think is best?
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