John Travolta isn't letting a stolen car slow him down.

The actor and pilot has signed on as a brand ambassador for Bombardier Aircraft—a perfect fit, since he already spends half his time flying himself and his family around the world anyway!

"I frankly just love being in the air, I just love the sensation of flying," he told reporters at a Bombardier event at Burbank Airport today.

But Travolta's a big car guy, too, and it can't have been pleasant to go out looking for a new ride, only to have the vintage Mercedes he drove to the dealership disappear on him!

"I was out looking for Jaguars and it was a beautiful, spotless dealership and I left it parked on the side," Travolta told E! News at the airport today. "And eight to 10 minutes later, my car was gone. And it's like that movie, Gone in 60 Seconds, like, who can explain it?

"But at least it wasn't a jet, though that might be easier to find."

So, it sounds as though there's no need to put Nicolas Cage on the case then.

In the meantime, Travolta's researching his next role as mobster John Gotti and planning for more lengthy plane rides with wife Kelly Preston and their kids Ella, 11, and Benjamin, who at 10 months has been to Paris and will be seeing Australia for the first time in November.

"[Kelly's] very proud of me...she loves flying, the kids love flying—it's a family event," Travolta said.

—Reporting by James Sullivan

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