Gisele Bundchen

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Just when it seemed like life couldn't get any better for this Brazilian supermodel, here comes Massachussetts' finest to evoke just a little bit more envy from the rest of us plain folks.

While most mediocre mere mortals feel the full force of the law (or at least the radar gun) when their MPH inches up past the legal limits, speeding tickets seem to be just one more thing Gisele Bundchen is immune to.

At least, if her run-in with state police over the weekend is anything to go by.

Tom Brady's wife was cruising around Barnstable, Mass., Saturday, when a state trooper clocked her Cadillac SUV going about 70 mph in a 55 zone. And yes, her two children were buckled safely in the back seat.

After pulling her over—and presumably realizing who she was—the officer gave Bundchen a verbal warning, reminding her that that particular stretch of Cape Cod roadway had a lower speed limit than most, before sending her on her way.

So did Gisele get special treatment?

Well, despite having "a brief discussion" while pulled over, police spokesman David Procopio told the Boston Herald, "There was no, 'I'm Tom Brady's wife.'"

Furthermore, he said that the officer gave verbal warnings not only to Gisele, but to four other drivers that day, proving that there was no special treatment given.

"She received the same treatment as the other four drivers who were stopped under similar circumstances. She was slightly over the speed limit. There was no other dangerous behavior. There were no lane violations, no swerving, no aggressive driving—just driving too fast."

Well, that's understandable. You live life in the fast lane long enough, you probably want to drive in it, too.

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