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Hey, did you hear? Glee returns tonight! What's that? You've been counting down the days since the season-two finale? Join the club.

We were going to tell you all about what's coming up this season, but then we thought, why not let the extremely good-looking cast tell you themselves? Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer and creator Ryan Murphy definitely know more than we do, so we're happy to share some videos of those guys spilling about season three. By the way, Cory says something very interesting about Puck this season, so you might want to jump in and join the Glee party sooner rather than later...

"We will be revisiting the Beth-Puck-Shelby Corcoran storyline, which I think is a really interesting storyline that didn't get enough attention in the second season at all," Monteith reveals. And since we already told you guys that Shelby (Idina Menzel) was returning Lima because of Quinn...well, do the math! Beth + Puck + Shelby + Quinn = the return of Quick?

Meanwhile, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) are going strong in the season premiere, but when Colfer says that Kurt is "very much looking forward to graduating and moving away from Lima," it makes us a little nervous for the couple. Another couple we're worried about? Sue and Will! Can't those two work it out? Just kidding. It's much more awesome when they fight, and Morrison totally agrees. "You will see some epic Will and Sue moments this season," he says.

Check out their full interviews below, and see Chris ponder the idea of joining Vocal Adrenaline. Say what? It's true. Give the video a watch.

At the Emmys on Sunday, Ryan Seacrest made sure to stop the other Ryan (Murphy) to grill him on Glee and ask him about the one thing Murphy won't talk about: the spin-off. "I'll never answer that question again," Murphy says. "It's the right question, but I can't answer that. I got in too much trouble."

Thankfully, the Glee boss did drop some info on other aspects of the show, like the drastic makeover Quinn gave herself over the summer. "We're very excited because in the season premiere, Quinn, played by Dianna (Agron), becomes a bad girl, and one of the things she does is she puts a tattoo of you on her back as a tramp stamp," he tells Ryan. "I swear to you it's a very funny reveal, but it's our shout-out to one of our favorite people."

Watch Ryan's full interview below, plus hear Mark Salling talk about his lack of preparation for the Emmys. Then tune into Glee's season-three premiere tonight on Fox. And don't forget to come back here for the return of our Glee recaps!

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