Tom Sizemore

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Lots of people like to claim that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Tom Sizemore, well, he actually was.

E! News has confirmed that the ever troubled actor was arrested yet again in downtown Los Angeles early this morning, after he got caught up in a police investigation of an incident unrelated to him.

So what did authorities bust him on this time? And why?

Nothing drug related, actually.

Instead, during a search of his apartment (albeit not because of anything he did), cops discovered that he had an outstanding warrant in his name for misdemeanor battery. (He was charged with one count of misdemeanor spousal battery back in 2009 after allegedly roughing up his then-girlfriend in a violent confrontation.)

But that's the Los Angeles Police Department's take on the situation. Sizemore's rep has a bit of a different story to tell.

Both sides seem to agree that this time around, authorities were after Sizemore's assistant, whom the actor's rep, Charles Lago, told E! News lived with the thesp.

"Tom had an assistant living with him," he explained. "The assistant was arrested last night for stealing a car. Police went to the apartment at 1 in the morning. The police asked if the assistant lived there and Tom said, 'Not really, he stays here.'"

According to Lago, police then informed Sizemore that his assistant. Eddie Tom Cabage, had been arrested and Sizemore gave them permission to search the room. Unfortunately for Tom, the cops also had a list of who resided in the apartment, and Sizemore's name was on that list—right alongside a note that he had an outstanding warrant for uncompleted community service.

Lago told E! News that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that the 49-year-old had already completed his requirement.

Which is fine and well, but not what the police say they busted him for.

"Tom Sizemore was arrested for an outstanding battery warrant," a spokesperson for the LAPD told E! News. "What the judge issued it for, whether it was not finishing community service or something else, we don't know. That's something between you and the courts...All we did was run him into the system, he was active in the system, and we arrested him for the warrant.

"Now we did arrest somebody for a car theft. The guy who we arrested was on parole and so we did go back to his residence for a parole search. We had no idea it was Tom Sizemore's residence. Drugs were recovered at the apartment, but they were not attributed to Tom Sizemore."

While it may seem confusing now, according to Lago, the situation will all be rectified on Oct. 14, when Sizemore is due back in court.

What is clear: Sizemore was arrested at 2:30 a.m. and booked at 2:49 a.m. He was released at 7:28 a.m. after posting $26,000 bail.

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