Channing Tatum, Matthew Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello; USA;; HBO

There will be plenty of skin in director Steven Soderbergh's upcoming male stripper flick, Magic Mike.

But hotties like Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer going full frontal on the big screen? We still don't know for sure.


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Olivia Munn, who plays Tatum's love interest in the flick, says there won't be much left to the imagination. "They're putting on teeny tiny thongs and dancing away," the I Don't Know How She Does It beauty told me the Emmys. "The all have solo dances."


"It's a weird thing, because when you're on a set, if you're a girl and doing something like that, all the guys know to be respectful and not to be on set," Munn said. "So all these guys are out there dancing and I think to myself, Am I allowed to come watch because you're boys and it doesn't matter? But then I think it might be a little gratuitous to sit there watching them."

Munn will definitely get to see Tatum in a state of being very undressed. "We have many love scenes," she said. "We're having sex so we're both in different moments of nakedness."

Munn happens to be good friends with Tatum's Playboy Club actress wife, Jenna Dewan. "You'd think it would be more awkward, but if you knew the two of them, they have such a great bond and union," she said. "They have such respect for the art. I can see Jenna's very cool about it, so it lets us make the best movie possible."

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