Has the romance of the century finally come to end?

Gary Shirley, the beleaguered boyfriend of Teen Mom's troubled Amber Portwood, took to Twitter and  Facebook this weekend to declare that couple's on-off relationship is officially off.

Based on what Gary said during last night's Teen Dads MTV special, the breakup was a long time coming...

"With our relationship, it's so back and forth," Gary tells Dr. Drew on the show, taped just weeks before Amber's reported suicide threat. "It's the hardest thing—I want to be with her," he added, slouching sadly.

Not anymore, apparently. "I'm completely through w Amber," Gary tweeted Saturday. "NO more back n forth s--t. I got my precious baby u got your precious Anderson men. Hope ur sins r worth it."

"Hard to turn u away today," he tweeted the next day—coincidentally following a date with another woman. "Hearing u cry was hard but your actions were terrible and this time there was no reason for what u did. No love."

Most of Gary's fellow Teen Dads aren't feeling much love for their exes either. Even Tyler Baltierra, the only guy on the MTV special still in a committed relationship, joined the baby mama bashing. "Girls are evil, manipulative and sneaky," he tells Dr. Drew. (But he balanced these slurs with his poignant comments about his dad, Butch.)

Vicious texter and serial cheater Adam Lind accused girlfriend Chelsea Houska of cheating herself: "It goes both ways," he told Dr. Drew, while Jo Rivera and Ryan Edwards expressed more regret about their boorish behavior. Corey Simms, on the other hand, seems heartbroken about his failed marriage.

"I'm going home to an empty house with baby toys everywhere," said the devoted dad, who shares custody of his twins with ex-wife Leah Simms. "It's rough...it's the worst thing ever."

Unlike the other Teen Dads, Gary has primary custody of his daughter. "My life is completely different. I have Leah all the time," he said. "I love her to death—I don't mind having her. [She means] the world, she's the first thing."

Time will tell whether his breakup with Leah's mom is permanent. For now, Gary insists to his Facebook fans: "Amber and I have separated. Big steps lead to better things."

Do you believe it's really over between Amber and Gary? Who do you think is the best Teen Dad? Take some big steps down to the comments and sound off.

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

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