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We've got a Sarah Palin problem.

Tho this one might throw you for a loop. See, we're hearing from sources thisclose to the 2012 campaign that—no matter how "awesome" Bristol Palin may think it'd be—Sarah is no longer set on a 2012 run for office.

WTF, Sarah! We were totally counting on you:

'Cause now all we're left with in the freak show of GOP candidates is Rick Perry and crazy eyes Michele Bachmann—who, between their archaic views on women's rights and undermining approach to gay rights (respectively) are starting to make even Mormon Mitt Romney look attractive.

And when we look at those options, we long for Sarah's Russian watchdog days.

If she hadn't declined her invite to the debate (which, in hindsight, was just one more clue that she was not-so-gracefully bowing out), she might have looked competent—or at least sane—compared to her Tea Party cohorts.

So what dashed Sarah's Commander-in-Chief dreams?

Consider it an image problem.

We hear that Sarah is now trying to distance herself from her longtime unofficial "publicist" Rebecca Mansour (who founded the website Conservative4Palin). For a while now, Sarah would consult Rebecca on anything she did, but they recently broke it off.

And so now Sarah is without guidance, or so we hear. And at the worst opportune time—like, say, when two damning books come out that accuse the for VP wannabe of cocaine use, affairs, and mama drama.

Oh, and she's fully aware of what everyone's saying about her, by the way. 'Cause coke allegations aren't the only thing Sarah has in common with Lindsay Lohan. They both also read everything (and we do mean everything) printed about them.

Hey, who just reinvented Michael Vick? That's who you should hire, Sarah, and get back in the game for '12!

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