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Jon Cryer may be a "troll," but at least he's a troll with a star.

Despite being on the receiving end of a not quite tongue-in-cheek jab from former costar Charlie Sheen last spring, Cryer still had kind words for his old Two and a Half Men mate today as Cryer was enshrined on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Flanked by Sheen's replacement, Ashton Kutcher, Half Man Angus T. Jones and series mastermind Chuck Lorre in a ceremony held only hours before Two and a Half Men's ninth season premiere (and Ashton's debut) tonight, Cryer couldn't help but express gratitude to the Warlock.

"I do have to say a real word of thanks to my costar of eight years, Charlie Sheen, who gave me so much as a performer and who I enjoyed working with so much," said Cryer. In the midst of his acrimonious divorce from the show, Sheen infamously labeled Cryer a "traitor" and "a troll" for allegedly not getting Sheen's back in the dispute with his corporate bosses.

Cryer, 46, also praised his bosses on Men for having the guts to let Sheen go due to his erratic behavior that touched off the ugly feud.

"But perhaps, more importantly, I feel the need to thank Chuck Lorre and [cocreator] Lee Aronsohn, who when they saw somebody who was clearly in distress, took every possible means to try to help their friend, and who, you know, when it came time to make the ultimate decision, which was someplace that nobody wanted to go, did something that in my belief saved my friend," said Cryer.

Glad to know Cryer bears no ill will towards his old pal and vice versa, even though the two haven't spoken since Sheen's departure.

Sheen turned up on last night's Emmy Awards to present the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award and buried the hatchet, wishing the cast and crew of Men "nothing but the best" for this upcoming season despite the fact he won't be a part of it. Sheen also later tweeted a photo of he and Kutcher chatting backstage.

Cryer, who has earned six Emmy nominations for his role as Alan Harper and won in 2009 (and whose film credits include Pretty in Pink and Hot Shots), is the 2,449th recipient of a star on Tinseltown's glitziest sidewalk.

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