Steve Carell, The Office

Chris Haston/NBC

That's what she said? No. That's what we all said.

Turns out, the problem with being a sentimental favorite at the Emmy Awards is, if you don't win, there's quite a lot of unresolved sentiment floating around.

Like with Steve Carell, who despite being the category favorite, last night was denied his final shot at Emmy glory for his career- (and some would say TV landscape-) defining role of Michael Scott on The Office.

Well, take heart, viewer. You weren't the only one who cried out and looked at things to throw at your TV screen when Charlie Sheen called Jim Parsons—not Carell—to the podium. Rainn Wilson did, too. And then saw fit to share his fury with the world.

In a tweet that left no room for misinterpretation, Wilson defended the legacy of his former costar and gave a massive wagging finger to the Academy voters.

"The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott," Wilson tweeted after the show. "Goodnight."

While it's nothing against the always hilarious Big Bang Theory's Parsons, we can't help but agree. But hey, it's not like his trophy shelf is totally empty. At least they can never take that World's Greatest Boss mug away!

Do you agree with Rainn? Should Steve have taken home Emmy gold or did the funniest man win? Let us know in the comments!

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