Britney Spears

Eagle Eyes/Splash News

Britney Spears is getting engaged!

For music video purposes, but still.

E! News has learned that the pop star who apparently gets a kick out of people thinking she's on the verge of retying the knot will at least play an engaged gal in her new video for "Criminal," with a big, fancy ring and everything.

But guess who has major objections and doesn't plan to forever hold his peace?

Spears' real-life would-be fiancé boyfriend, Jason Trawick, plays the white knight who saves the day when Brit's make-believe fiancé gets abusive at a party, according to's Jordan Miller, who obtained a leaked copy of the casting synopsis.

Trawick shows up, punches out the bad dude and then he and Spears, who tosses her ring in the dust, hit the road on a motorcycle and end up on a crime spree.

Wild! (They probably just should have kept the bling and used that for cash, but...hey, that's just us.)

So, when more photos showing Britney wearing a diamond on that finger inevitably make the rounds, remember it's all for show. To think otherwise would be "Criminal."

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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