January Jones, Elizabeth Moss

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January Jones is one tough cookie.

That is precisely why she hasn't disclosed who the father of her new baby boy is. After all, it's her right to reveal (or not, as the case may be) who knocked her up, isn't it?

But now that Xander and his mommy will be out and about on the town, we can only assume the pressure to ID the mystery man will only get more intense. So when we caught up with two of J.J.'s Mad Men cohorts, we had to what they thought about the whole, crazy sitch:

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And they're both Team January, obviously.

But before we get to the daddy dirt, we had to check in on the new mama:

"She's great," Elisabeth Moss gushed at Friday's Spectra Emmy Party in West Hollywood. "We can't wait to meet him. We have all been through a lot over the past five years. We've seen a few babies born."

But none that have got so much tabloid attention while still in the womb!

"I think you can allow people to know as much as you want them to know," Elizabeth told us when we asked whether January should just spill it already. "And I've seen many people do it very successfully...Some people don't mind and some people mind."

Translation: I'm not talking about January if she ain't talking.

Thing is, Jan never used to mind calling out her deadbeat exes, which is part of the reason prying minds want to know now.

"I think a lot of the questions shouldn't be asked out of respect for that person," the now dearly departed (on air, that is) Randee Heller weighed in. "What we do is to entertain, but it stops there."

Well, we highly doubt this is the end of the investigation, but we won't blab on January's juicy little secret. Consider it a belated baby shower gift!

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