Who doesn't love the Emmys! The celebs, the fashion, the outrageous comedians making out with Ryan Seacrest.

Yep, Kathy Griffin just seized an opportunity to grab some lip time with our host during her interview on Live From the Red Carpet.

But really, Ryan had it coming. When he noticed that Kathy's lips were, "very, very red," he had to ask if she'd left her mark on anyone.

That was all it took:

Check it out as Kathy moves in on Ryan. And despite his gymnastic efforts to avoid it, he just can't elude the funnylady's advances.

"There, I just sold my soul to the devil," Kathy declared after she landed her kiss.

"Your career is over, you realize that?" Ryan joked as Kathy made her way back to the red carpet.

Is there an award for best red carpet chemistry? Because year after year, these two could easily win.

Do you love them together?

UPDATE: But wait! There's more. After the show, we caught up with Kathy to get her thoughts on the Ryan smackeroo. Hit the video to see what she had to say.

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