Britney Spears

Oops! She did it again.

We're starting to think that Britney Spears wants us to see her precious (and highly publicized) area after being the culprit of one too many commando-gone-wrong scenarios, and it looks like she hasn't (fully) learned her lesson.

Before you start putting together a panty fund to cover this girl's kooka (as her Jersey Shore friends would say), Spears was actually wearing underwear this time!

That's a start.

Brit-Brit was photographed getting into a car wearing a short green dress after leaving her U.K. tour party at the Sanctum Hotel, when we got our little surprise (that she was wearing underwear, not that we saw her nether region).

Even though the star can't seem to get ladylike etiquette down, let's focus on the positive notes—at least her undies weren't see-through (at least we don't think so) and she didn't opt for a merkin like some other usual pantie-less characters.

So, for now, we're proud of her.

Baby steps.

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