Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis

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Looks like we have an equal-opportunity hacker.

While it's mostly been the chicks who have suffered through the nudie pic scandals so far (hi, Scarlett Johansson), there may be a dude getting in on the dirty snapshot action soon: Justin Timberlake.

Rumor hit the net recently that Mila Kunis was another victim of the horny hack job, but it wasn't just private photos of her that were found.

It was also allegedly her Friends With Benefits costar, J.T. Should Justin be worried?

Well, yes...and no.

We asked TheDirty.com head honcho Nik Richie to give us the skinny on Justin's reported nudie photos:

"As far as Mila Kunis' sexting images to Justin Timberlake, I've actually been in contact with the hackers' negotiator," Nik, who felt sorry for Ms. Johansson and took her pics off his site, dished to us. "I've seen some of the Justin images. None of them have Justin's head; they're mainly lower region shots of Justin Timberlake's not well-endowed situation."


Sources close to Justin though claim the naked dude isn't him.

But if it was J.T. who snapped the shots of his, well, mini-Justin, he might have been taking some advice from Reese Witherspoon. Remember her holier-than-thou speech at the MTV Movie Awards about hiding your face in nude shots?

Something these other chicks were completely overlooked.

But how much would pics of J.T. go for? "It's going to be hard for me to make an offer for these images because you can't really tell if it's Justin or not," Nik confessed. "They may just be trying to make money off the Scarlett Johansson fame that they're getting.

"The price they're asking for is pretty ridiculous," Nik tells us. "But at the same time, I can't tell if they're actually Justin because his head's not in the images. So if I get the images, we'll see. Am I going to pay a ridiculous amount of money for them, probably not."

Hey, Nik, if you want someone to try and verify them, we're always available...just sayin'.

—Additional reporting by Marcus Mulick

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