Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald

Tom Vickers / Splash News

Is Nikki Reed already Mrs. McDonald?!

Paparazzi spotted the Twilight chica out for a stroll recently with her quickie fiancé, Paul McDonald, and some très observant sleuthing revealed that the twosome were wearing matching gold bands on their ring fingers. Could the matching bling possibly be wedding bands?

No, insists Camp Nikki!

And if you bought into the elopement biz, then you're clearly out of the loop. This is Nikki Reed, after all.

As we said, reps for the couple tell us that they are not married...yet, at least.

This only confirms what we initially thought: There's no way Nikki is going to let her nuptials pass unnoticed. Heck, this is the same babe who announced her engagement on a red carpet and then plastered her hubby-to-be's face on her manicure (and inked his name on her body) to make it crystal clear.

And tho Nikki occasionally like to play coy concerning the big day—well, more so her peeps—we know she's going to make sure her glam wedding gets full media coverage.

We couldn't be happier about this. We adore Nikki and can't wait to see how stunning she looks on her big day. Besides, we've always insisted she's the most gorgeous of the Twilight gang.

And remember, Bella Swan isn't going to steal Nikki's wedding glory—not if she has anything to say about it. Sure, Kristen Stewart may don a designer gown on the big screen, but you bet your tush that Nikki's dress will be just as fab in her People magazine spread.

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