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Ryan Murphy will not—we repeat, will not—be talking anytime soon about which stars may be off of Glee when graduation rolls around.

As you may recall, the creator of the hit Fox series caused quite an uproar earlier this summer when he said that Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith could be the first to go...

"I would never again say that people are leaving," Murphy told reporters yesterday after a screening of the first episode of the new season. "I have learned my lesson. Never again will you hear me say that."

In fact, he said any talk of a spinoff has been put on hold until the spring. Besides, there are no guarantees for a Glee 2.0. "I would never do Glee: The College Years, but I think there's very organic ways that you can keep [the stars] on the show and keep them big and keep the audience invested in them," Murphy said.

Murphy reemphasized that the new season is a return to the basics. "Last year, to be honest, was a new thing for me," he said. "I had run television shows before, but I had never run a business like that. It's a great honor and it was a great thrill, but it's a weird thing to run a TV show and design a tour and be on a reality show and be doing a movie.

"And this year, the idea was OK, let's just deal with the show," he continued, adding, "I've loved it. I sort of have my passion for it back."

He's also making sure the all-star cast is well taken care of. "We've figured out a way to shoot the show...where many of the actors work three to four days a week so they have time off and they're not burnt out," Murphy said.

So far, he said, it's paying off. "You can see it and feel it on the set," he said. "The actors I feel are renewed and excited and thrilled to be there. It's fun again. It was a really hard show."

P.S: For Glee spoilers, head over to E! Online's own Watch With Kristin. They've got some great scoopage coming up for ya.

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