Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

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Dear Ted:
Just read some quotes by Brad Pitt in Parade. What's with the diss toward Jennifer Aniston and the whole "pretending" thing? Was this just to gain even more attention, or was it just to make Angelina Jolie feel better about their relationship? I wonder how Jennifer will react. So much for thinking they were on friendly terms! But are his comments tacky or truthful?

Dear The Academy Award Goes To:
Don't you remember Jenny diagnosing her ex-hubby with a missing sensitivity chip? Well she wasn't joking. That said, I highly doubt Brad was "pretending" any more than Jen was. Me thinks he doth protest too much...and gush too much about his "wifey" Angie. Kinda seems like Brad wants to keep up this love triangle BS, huh?

Dear Ted:
In honor of Supernatural's pending return, can you comment on the latest goss that Jared Padalecki is not the world's biggest fan of Mrs. Ackles? Any truth in that? Also, can you tell me if J.Pad and Jensen Ackles's B.V.s are the same? Last but not least, I heard that their friendship was all for the cameras and wasn't genuine. In a sea of BS about these guys, surely their friendship is the one thing that's real, right?
—P xx

Dear Brotherly Love:
Total BS, babe. These two are way tight even when the cameras stop rolling on their CW classic. As for the other biz, their Vices are similar but not exactly, well, exact. And as for Danneel Harris, it's true, J.Pad isn't the biggest fan of her...I am!

Dear Ted:
My rescue kitten and I saw a Seventeen article about Josh Hutcherson. Since he says he isn't exactly dating Vanessa Hudgens, is there anyone else on his radar? Maybe someone from Hunger Games? And are there any Vicey vibes coming from that set yet? —Sweetpea

Dear Hungry for a Hunger Vice:
There are lots of chicas on his radar. And there are only going to be more when THG rockets him into franchise fame. But I (sadly) don't see him getting cozy on set anytime soon. Heck, the only chick on that set is Jennifer Lawrence, really. And she's taken. That said, give it time and the Vices will start rolling in. 

Dear Ted:
Recently you had a Blind Vice that could fit Natalie Portman and her fiancé. My question is do they have a B.V.? If yes, please give me a hint.

Dear Swan Song:
Yes, Nat has a Vice. A juicy one too. But here's your hint: It isn't too recent.

Dear Ted:
I know you're Team Bill. What team are you when it comes to Jason or Hoyt? —S

Dear Team True Blood:
Personally? Totally Hoyt. Jason is boring, boring, boring. 

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