The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Cameras have officially stopped rolling on The Hunger Games!

Lionsgate announced today that principal photography has ended on the first flick of the mucho-anticipated franchise. And while the film doesn't hit theaters until March 23, we're hoping a trailer will hit the net way sooner than that which'll give us a peek at what they've been filming the past few months.

But while we wait, we decided to round up the moments we cannot wait to see on film. Warning! There are tons of spoilers ahead...

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1. Katniss and Peeta Get Their Kiss On: While Team Truth is officially Team Gale, the lovey-dovey stuff with him won't happen until book two. So we guess we're content to watch Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson get their mack on while in the arena. In fact, we can't wait to see it. Maybe if it's done right on the big screen it'll swing our vote to Peeta? Who knows!

2. Cue the Tears: Rue Ends Up Six Feet Under: Katniss's arena BFF Rue (played by youngster Amandla Stenberg) will eventually bite the bullet—well, actually it's a spear—and die. And we know we're going to be blubbering messes when J.Law's onscreen alter ego adorns Rue's tiny corpse with flowers and sings her a sweet song. Heck, we're tearing up already!

3. The Opening Ceremony Lights a Spark: We have très high expectations for the scenes shot in the Capitol. And we're most anticipating the Hunger Games opening ceremony, where—as you'll recall—Katniss dons a dress made of flames. Holy CGI! It had better be amazing! And while we're not too keen on the casting of Lenny Kravitz as her stylist, Cinna, we're sure he'll grow on us.

4. Anything With Effie Trinket: Have we mentioned that we love Elizabeth Banks? Because we do. That's why we're so effing pumped to see her don Effie Trinket's pink wig and get all fabulously be-yotchy! If anyone can bring deliver Effie's deliciously divatastic ‘tude, it's Banks. And we cannot wait to see her in action.

5. Liam Hemsworth Shirtless: OK, so this might be a bit of creative licensing, but who says he couldn't have been shirtless in some of those hunting scenes, right? And if Liam's big bro can show off his abs on the big screen, we see no reason that little Liam should have to hide his!

But what about you? Which scenes are you anticipating the most? Which are you worried the film makers totally messed up? Sound off below!

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