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Michael Desmond/The CW

You can thank Tyra Banks' nightmares for the first ever America's Next Top Model: All-Stars (not really, but that's how the show opened).

The supermodel went through each previous season and brought back fan favorites for another round. But this time, it's not just about working it in front of the camera and creating a signature walk, it's about creating a brand.

So who's back in for some high-fashion drama?!

Their first challenge was a photo shoot in the backyard of their awesome house with each model portraying their "larger than life" persona.

Basically, each girl was styled and dressed to play up their biggest personality trait that was exemplified during their cycle, like "hood" for Angelea, "fierce diva" for Bianca, "party girl" for Brittany and so on…

Tears already started flowing when Shannon's "angelic" persona included lace bottoms. She refused to wear those outdoors and instead, chose to put on itty-bitty bathing suit bottoms. Jay Manuel was confused. We were confused. She felt pressured and wept.

Moving on…

Going into judging, there was a twist. The first panel was held at L.A. Live in front of hundreds of the castmembers' biggest fans, and their first guest judge for the season was none other than funky fashionista Nicki Minaj.

Side note: How hot is Nigel Barker with hair?!

Anyway, all the fans seemed to be enjoying the presence of their favorite faces. Well, most of the fans. Instead of cheers, Alexandria got boos and a heckler yelling "F--k you!" And...she cried, too.

The group reunited in "private chambers" for the actual elimination, and the fans had a say in who went home by telling Jay who they liked and who needed to go.

So who kissed the chance of walking away with a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl, national campaign with Express Clothing, a spread in Italian Vogue and a guest correspondent with Extra?

Before we tell you, know that Isis, the woman who was once a man won best photo.

And poor Brittany, who had no recognition from fans, was sent packing. Again.

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