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It's that time again. Emmy picks! Are we having fun yet?

Today, it's all about the ladies: Best Actress in a Drama Series and Best Actress in a Comedy Series. It's a tough race this year, with lots of surprise nominees who could run away with the prize, especially in the comedy category. Is Emmy juggernaut Tina Fey due for another victory? And did we really choose a non-Friday Night Lights actress as a "should win?"

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Should Win: Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights. Don't be silly. Of course we picked Connie! How could we not? We are so in love with Mrs. Coach that it's just not enough for her to get a nomination this year. She should win it all. Over the seasons, she's been the perfect counterpart to her coach husband while battling an abortion scandal, switching schools and telling Eric that she's been loyal long enough and it was time to move for her career. The series finale when all she said was the phrase "18 years" to her loving husband was enough to bring us to tears.

Will Win: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife. That show is right up the Academy's alley, and the voters love Margulies. The Good Wife has had enough momentum and consistently good episodes to warrant handing over the trophy to its star.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Should Win: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation. Look, we all love Tina Fey. But Amy as the adorable and constantly optimistic Leslie Knope was one of the most enjoyable performances on any comedy last season. The fact that PRex got nominated for Best Comedy Series shows that Poehler has the chops to be the star of an ensemble comedy without overwhelming every scene. Plus Leslie's endearing office romance with Ben (Adam Scott) was perfection. Oh, by the way, we've seen the season premiere of PRex, and it looks like Poehler is going for another repeat nom.

Will Win: Laura Linney, The Big C. A subject as serious as cancer that's played with enough humor to be considered a comedy? Yep, Linney is just that good. And the Academy loves to give out awards to ladies who walk the drama-comedy line (see: Edie Falco), and Linney did it so well that she's almost guaranteed a win on Sunday.

Agree with our picks? Disagree? You know where to go to argue with us.

2011 Emmy Forecast: Best Actress in a Drama & Comedy Series
Who do you think will win best actress in a Drama Series?
Who do you think will win best actress in a Comedy Series?
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