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Fox is doing its part to make the Red Carpet at this year's Emmys Green. They are bringong in solar panels to supply all the lighting for the red carpet and later donating the panels to the Ronald McDonald House Long Beach and Habitat for Humanity in LA. In addition, the 390-foot red carpet is the largest ever to be lit entirely by low-energy LED and fluorescent lighting. But Fox isn't stopping there:

  • All signage will be printed with water-based inks either on recycled aluminum by AoSA or on eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.
  • The media press tent and red carpet are entirely incandescent-free. The tent will be illuminated by compact fluorescent and LED lamps. The red carpet will be lit by fluorescent and LED lighting, reducing the power need by approximately 80 percent.
  • The 25,000 square feet of arrivals red carpet is made of 50 percent recycled content–including 40 percent pre-consumer and 10 percent derived from post-consumer carpet. Additionally, the carpet is being produced locally by Bentley Prince Street whose factory is a mere 16 miles away.
  • In lieu of golf carts traditionally used by staff and crew at such events, bicycles from a previous event will be used on site.
  • Supplemental power will be provided by bio-diesel generators using UPS batteries. The batteries will signal the generator to turn on in the event of a power failure reducing the need to have generators running simultaneously.
  • A full recycling program is in place throughout the main show, media center and red carpet area to collect waste from batteries, paper, bottles, plastic and food.
  • Locally grown and/or organic foods will be provided by Chef Alan Jackson of Lemonade and served to production staff, press and event guests.
  • Events teams will use reusable service-ware including glasses, plates, silverware, serving platters and trays. Tables and chairs are rented and reusable.
  • All linens used in the media areas are rented and will be cleaned with environmentally-friendly laundry detergents.
  • All plants in the arrivals area and media areas are rented and therefore are considered reusable living plants (no cut plants).

Good for you Fox and let's hope other networks and Award Shows follow your example.

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