It looks like Mitch Winehouse is making his rounds this week when it comes to interviews.

Amy Winehouse's father was the guest on Piers Morgan Tonight after appearing on Anderson yesterday, and aside from the usual topics concerning the death of the young artist, Mitch touched on the subject of her relationship with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, the notorious drug user who is known for introducing Winehouse to cocaine and heroin.

Does Amy's father blame her former love for her death? No, he feels that would be "stupid," but he did warn him that he was "killing" his daughter and wants nothing to do with him now.

Mitch explains that Civil, who is currently in jail for assault, and his mother have told media reports that they have tried to contact the Winehouse family after the tragedy occurred, but no such thing has happened.

"Have you talked to him since she died?" Piers Morgan asked.

"No, I won't talk to him. I'm not interested in him," Winehouse responds. "And, I'm not interested in his family, and I'm not interested in him. We don't want their help with the foundation. We would be a laughingstock if we recruited him into the foundation."

The foundation Mitch is referring to is the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is set to launch tomorrow, the singer's birthday, and is geared to support organizations that help young people who are vulnerable, including those with addictions.

Piers continues by asking, "Has he made any attempt to contact you?"

"He says he has, but he hasn't...His mother in one of the many newspaper articles that she's written since Amy's death, she says that Blake's been trying to get in touch with me, she's been trying know, but none of them have gotten in touch with me. I'm not interested in them," Mitch says.

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