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We all died  (almost) when we saw that Breaking Dawn trailer yesterday, as we finally got more of a glimpse of all the delish Twilight scenes that are about to go down. 

But what we can't decide on is which scene we are most excited for, and although Fandango sent out cordial invitations and polled its B.D. future attendees, we know you Twi-hards always want the last word. 

So we turn to you, trusted Twi-perts, to give us the deets on the most anticipated movie of the season.

So which Breaking Dawn scene is going to bring your fangs out?

Could it be the epic childbirth of the half-vamp Robsten baby? While we can't wait to see Kristen Stewart play mama bear, the love child does eat her way out of  Bella's tiny frame. We're anticipating some gruesome scenes and a whole lotta love from the ever-protective Edward (Robert Pattinson), but we're not quite sure how to stomach this scene yet. 

Or are you more of a romantic and most excited about the wedding between beautiful Bella and her hunky guy? We all know this onscreen romance extends offscreen, so the chemistry and love will definitely be there. Plus, K.Stew has admitted how it was "great to play this unshakeable love." Trust, this is definitely one wedding you don't want to miss. 

Or can you just not wait to get a taste of the honeymoon scenes? A shirtless Rob in a passionate moment with Kris? It has all the makings of an epically sensual story, and the slowly released photos have only geared us up for this moment even more. 

So which will it be, Twi-hards?

Awful's Breaking Dawn Most Anticipated Scene Poll:
What are you most excited to see when the flick hits theaters?
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