"It's about the souls." Preach, Castiel. Preach.

Our resident God (and former angel) wasn't lying when he dropped this line in season six, which every fan knows was indeed all about the souls. To be more precise, the season was about Sam's (Jared Padalecki) soul, the one that bought a timeshare in Michael and Lucifer's cage in hell while Sammy transformed into Robo-Sam and blinded his big bro Dean (Jensen Ackles) with his lack of emotion, feeling, compassion and shirt-wearing.

Watching the season, we couldn't help but wonder: What the heck is a soul really? Thankfully, the CW series' creative minds have some sort of ESP, because they answer that very question on the season-six DVD (in stores today!). So go on, watch our exclusive clip and find out all about the soul, including how much it weighs. Dead serious.

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