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We know we've bombarded you with reviews, previews and clips from the new fall shows—you're welcome, by the way—but we bet you're itching for some scoop on your favorite returning shows, too. Perhaps you guys want info on little shows like Grey's Anatomy, Castle and Gossip Girl? Plus, a whole load of others?

You got it. We've got scoop on a beloved Glee pair, a One Tree Hill plotline that threw us for a loop and bloody good details on Vampire Diaries' smoking-hot new season.

Can you stand the excitement? Stop biting your nails, stop twirling you hair and get reading...

luisa_gleek: any Glee juicy scoop?
We have some scoop down the page, but nothing compares to how much scoop we're going to get! We're at the Fox Fall Premiere party right now, and we're talking to the stars of Glee, House, Bones, Fringe, and more! We're already on the scene, so you'd better go tweet questions for the Fox peeps to our WWK reporter (@jbomb11) before it's too late!

Eva: Kristin, we need your expert Emmy opinions. Who's winning? Who's losing?
We've already picked our "should win" and "will win" for Best Comedy and Best Drama, but our predictions won't stop there. All week we'll be choosing Emmy's big winners, but be warned: if Friday Night Lights is in a category, that's our pick.

Carlise in Philidelphia, Pa.: WHERE IS THE 2011 FALL TV PREMIERE CALENDAR!!!! I have them for the past 2 seasons but none for this season... i can't keep track of the shows without it...for shame!!!!
Hm, if only there was some way to tell you that we posted the fall premiere calendar back in July and it's been up for many, many weeks. Oh, that's right. We can tell you now! Don't worry; we would never deprive you of a handy, dandy calendar.

Kristin in Ocean Grove, N.J.: Where is the love for Rescue Me's final season? It has been funnier than ever and I'm really going to miss it!
We are, too! Tell you what, if you come back tomorrow we might have a really awesome behind-the-scenes clip that is a must-see for fans.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Ohemgeeitscoley: anything for Damon and Elena on #tvd?
Want the good news, all you Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) lovers? They are totally hooking up! But the bad news is...I'm a very bad person for leading you on because they are hooking up in a strictly detective-like fashion to try to find Stefan (Paul Wesley). Wah-wah. Sad clown. From what I hear, the dealio is there won't be any hot and heavy romance stuff in the first part of the season. But guess what? It doesn't look like Stefan even wants to be found, and that may change things. I hear Stefan will be gone for something like the first half of the season…ish.

The Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino

Art Streiber / The CW

totallychristie: Caroline and Tyler! CAROLINE AND TYLER! :D
All caps means business! Well, you saw in the promo that Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) are getting down to some sexy business. So, we just had to bug Candice about it! "Caroline definitely has scenes with Tyler in the season opener," she says coyly. "I don't know what kind of clothing they might be wearing. She also has scenes with Matt, so we don't know. Stayed tuned." We tried to get her to say that Tyler and Caroline will definitely explore their chemistry this season, but this is all we got from her: "Caroline is exploring her relationships with friends, potential lovers, and family." So, yes?

Saartje90: Some news about Mark and Lexie would so make my day.
Grey's Anatomy
's Jesse Williams gave us some insight into the complicated workplace relationships and the ever present Mark (Eric Dane), Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Jackson love triangle: "You're working with your ex and you're walking the same hallways—feelings are going to get stirred up." Stirred-up feelings! That's got to be good news for Slexie fans. Hold on to hope kids.

Leslie: Greys! ...please.
We know we're going to be meeting Dr. Pretty Eyes' (aka Jackson Avery) mama played by Debbie Allen but we'll learn pretty quickly if their relationship is on the outs or not. Jesse Williams tells us: "That all plays out on camera. That plays out in the first 15 minutes. It goes through all waves of good to strained relationship in a matter of 15 minutes." Savvy TV viewers like us know if your parent shows up at Seattle Grace Mercy West it's never a drama-free event.

YuriTWL : Some news about David Karofsky from Glee?
Unfortunately, we might not see Karofsky (Max Adler) for a couple (maybe more) episodes. This is due to both him filming a movie (he just wrapped), and because Ryan Murphy wants to focus on the original New Directions members for a bit.

Jesse: Please tell me my girl Quinn will be singing more this season.
I don't know about more songs, but Dianna Agron will definitely have some tunes (and reasons) to belt out in season three.

Naya Rivera, Glee, Season 3

Danielle Levitt/FOX

Hypoxanthin: Any Santana, Brittany or Brittana news?
News, you ask? Just that it is important to know that Santana will not react well when she sees that Damian McGinty's character Rory will be living in Brittany's house. Expect some chemistry between Brittany and Rory. And expect them to need a translator. Also, the winner of our Who Should Play Brittany's Mom poll is…Lisa Kudrow! By a landslide. If you are shocked, you are silly.

Desiree: I'd give ANYTHING for something on Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl. Please, give me some good news on them!
I just heard about something in episode four that literally made me gasp, then squeal, then blurt out, "Are you freaking serious?!" Turns out, the scandalous scene I'm talking about is not exactly what it seems, but I highly recommend you Chuck-Blair fans and Dan-Blair fans wear an adult diaper just in case. Consider yourself warned.

Jazy736: Hit me with some Serena news please! #GossipGirl
She'll be working for a production company that wants to get the rights to a certain book written by a certain someone she knows very well. Hint: It's not Snooki.

mockingbird2424: Do you have any #gossipgirl Chuck and Blair news?
Chuck is gonna have a hard time feeling anything this year.

Daniellegirli: Anything on the CSI:NY Danny and Lindsay interview from last month that we never saw/read?
You found us out. We were just hoarding all the Danny-Lindsay goodies for ourselves. Or, due to a little thing we journalists have to worry about called an embargo, we literally can't show you the interviews yet. Or else! And nobody wants "Or else," you know? Gotta wait until closer to the premiere date. I know it's hard, but you'll have to be patient until those interviews go live. It's really for your own good. Wouldn't want you to pass out from all the info we have on the episode that features the crime-fighting duo. Keep your eyes open, though: We'll start doling out scoop in small doses so you don't get the bends.

KellGreen1: Anything on CSI: New York's Danny and Lindsay?
Anna Belknap
tells us that there are some struggles early on getting used to Danny's (Carmine Giovinazzo) new sergeant position: "They are used to working together and seeing each other everyday, so it becomes sort of difficult. They try have lunch in episode two. They can't make it work. It's frustrating. You're used to seeing somebody everyday. He works long hours, she works long hours, they're not seeing each other, so it's tough." And yet again they miss a meal together. Sad panda.

Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Zooey Deschanel, New Girl

Autumn DeWilde/FOX

arrabin56 I liked the 1st ep of New Girl, but Damon Wayans Jr. was my favorite of the guys. Have you seen the 2nd ep? How is his replacement?
We have met the replacement (Lamorne Morris) and he is just lovely. We love Damon, too. But that man has to stay on Happy Endings! Speaking of…

Sarah in Dallas, Texas: I'm going through killer Happy Endings withdrawals! Give me a quick fix!
Want a recipe for awesomeness? Dave (Zachary Knighton) + Max (Adam Pally) + the Steak Me Home Tonight food truck + '80s music = epic Cocktail-inspired cooking montage. Please try this at home.

Chasi23: Any news on Happy Endings?
The first two minutes of the season-two premiere (Sept. 28) is some of the craziest comedy we've seen since this opening sequence of The Office. Do. Not. Miss.

LazyDaizy26: Misha Collins news, pretty please?
We talked with him just a couple days ago, and he had some very interesting things to say about the way we see his character off. You wanna know what he said? Sorry, got to wait a bit longer. Like, two more days. Then all will be revealed with our awesome video interview. Until then, enjoy the little spoiler nugget below.

Greg: Is there going to be a big bad on Supernatural this season? What is up with Castiel?
There are going to be multiple big bads. Big old big bads. Aka leviathans. And Castiel is the one who accidentally releases them into the world. Translation: This is not good for Sam and Dean.

Amomich: Any spoilers from Sons of Anarchy that are Chibs related?
If you thought the Sons were finished with Chibs' countrymen after last season, think again, Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby) told us: "The Irish come back—I think they're coming back," he teased. "We haven't really run into them yet, but I think they might be coming back." At least we know Jimmy O'Phelan (Titus Welliver) is gone for good, thanks to Chibs' Glasgow smile.

Marybeth: Are John Teller's letters going to drive Tara and Gemma apart again on Sons of Anarchy? (Please say no, it's always more fun when these badass bitches team up.)
All signs point to more badass bitchery. As star Maggie Siff told us at the season-four premiere, "[Tara is] sitting on a lot of information and a lot of secrets that kind of implicate Gemma (Katey Sagal), but for the most part I think I've put that aside. I think they love each other. I think that at this point in the show their bond is really strong and it will take a lot to destroy it—but it's not uncomplicated."

One Tree Hill, Joy Galeotti, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton

Fred Norris /The CW

Jason: When will Lucas, Chad Michael Murray, come back to OTH, and where is Hilarie Burton? Will she come back!!?
Lucas comes back in episode 7 and only interacts with Haley and Jamie, and he takes Haley's new daughter Lydia back home with him. Peyton is mentioned, but as far as I know there's no reason given as to why she's not with him. And no word yet on her returning.

Randall: Why isn't James Lafferty in all the episodes of One Tree Hill? How will his disappearance be explained?
I'm told James didn't want to do all the episodes, and Nathan is taking an unintentional European vacation. This is less like a Chevy Chase movie and more like Savannah Smiles.

BooksDevoured: SVU! Are we going to love the new additions to the cast or cry into our pillows and mourn the loss of Stabler? Both?
From what I hear…definitely both.

Aynabg: Castle scoop, pretty please with a cherry on top?
I hope you like angst and heartbreak and then more angst because the Castle premiere brings all those emotions and more. From the first flat-lining seconds to reeling moments you will be screaming at your TV. And at Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion). Let's just say their whole summer wasn't spent basking in the afterglow of Castle's heartfelt finale confessions.

Samantha in Commack, N.Y.: Anything juicy coming up for Alex in the romance department on Nikita?
We highly suggest Nikita fans go out and buy some cooling fans before watching the premiere because there is major heat between Alex and Sean, (Dillon Casey) the Oversight agent assigned to watch over Division. He's basically Michael 2.0 (Shane West), complete with a perfectly tailored suit and mysterious background. "We're going to find out how he's linked to Oversight a little bit later. He's a character who's a little bit like Michael in the first season. For a few episodes you didn't know quite where Michael was coming from until you learned about his back story and you understood what was driving him," Silverstein explains. "It's a bit of the same thing with Sean. If in the first few shows you're like, ‘Where is this guy coming from?' Just bear with it for a little bit and it will be defined."

Nikita, Maggie Q, Shane West

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Itsslexi: Will Alex ever work with Michael & Nikita again?
We just saw the premiere episode and it's safe to say Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) probably won't be working with Nikita (Maggie Q) again any time soon. Still, there is always hope for TV's most messed-up BFFs. "I think that it's a little more complicated than they're just going to be fighting each other all season," creator Craig Silverstein says. "It's going to expand and contract. There's going to be hot and cold periods between them. There's going to be a thaw; things are going to get better, [then] they're going to get worse." So yes, it's complicated.

Cheesybones: Since Secret Circle premieres this week, how about a scoop?
Just one scoop? Only one? OK, your call. Thomas Dekker and his smoldering gaze tell us that the tension continues to mount after the series premiere. "A lot of scary, dark presences are coming for us, and [we have] to battle those and prepare for those," he tells us. "And we don't really know how to prepare for them, so the stakes get higher and higher. And it gets sexier!" We do love when things get sexy on the CW!

ClaireMBiggs: Is everyone loving The Lying Game as much as I am? What's next for Alexandra Chando as Sutton and Emma?
Yes, we must confess that the ABC Family show is becoming a little guilty pleasure of ours as well. And you know how Emma is currently pretending to be Sutton? Expect to see Sutton do a little twin-acting of her own pretty soon.

—Reporting by Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling, Dru Moorhouse and Tierney Bricker

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