Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
I just read that Glee is cutting back on Lauren Zizes this season. That's ridiculous! I like her a lot more than some of the original characters, and she's gold with Puck!

Dear Unhonorable Discharge:
You're probably not as disappointed as Ashley Fink, babe. But we're a bit misty eyed at the news, too (tho, not as sad as when we heard about Chord Overstreet—sorry!).

Dear Ted:
I got a question about the Taylor Lautner-Lily Collins on-set romance on Abduction. The current party line is that their relationship began with an innocent bowling date. I seem to recall Lily had a stuntman boyfriend at the time. This doesn't put either one in a good light. What are the chances stunt guy goes public with his side of the story?

Dear Slim to None:
What a torrid tale you weave, doll! Problem is: It ain't that serious. On any end. So I doubt the romance angle will be played up prepremiere in any other regard than the cutie costars got some flirt time in on set. Lame, huh?

Dear Ted:
Some of my favorite old Blind Vice Superstars have been missing in action lately. More specifically, I would like to ask about dear old Fey Oiled-Tush: What happened to him and the bad people he was dealing with? Is he still under the impression that the truth will be outed soon? Please keep old fans posted on some of your ancient Blind Vicers!

Dear Money Talks:
If you fork over enough dough, anything can be dealt with. And Fey has plenty of moolah.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering with all these stories about Ryan Gosling and how he never gets too serious with any of his female costars—at least not since Rachel McAdams. What really happened between them? What was the reason for their breakup?

Dear Good Question:
It was mutual, of that I'm assured by their mutual friends. But I still think Ryan had more to do with it, ultimately.

Dear Ted:
Got any funny Blind Vices to share? The sort of stuff that, if it came to light, people would just be laughing at the absurdity of the so-called celeb? After the Sally Pearlsmyth tragedy, I guess I just need a laugh.

Dear Weepy:
Chiquita's eye-roll worthy antics should be a parfait read for you.

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