The Game

Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Game is doing press for his new album Red, and he appears to be getting easily derailed.

In this interview with VladTV (as reported by TMZ) the rapper really lets loose, and we're thinking he may be less of a poet and more in need of a publicist.

According to the rapper he loves the gays!

But, what's the one thing he can't stand?

Closet gays, of course!

Hmm. Considering Mr. Game works in an industry (rap music, specifically) which is rife with closeted gay performers, we'd have to say he's got a big-ass problem right there.

But then, The Game goes on to specify his hatred for this type of gay man: Because—according to the Game—they're spreading AIDS to the women they're sleeping with.

Why, exactly, does this concern the Game so much?

'Cause these women are then sleeping with other straight men, duh, like him. And it's an "on-going" thing.

Point being: The Game's primary concern here appears to be the other heterosexual men who might be affected by HIV, rather than gay men and women, is that it, Game?

Way to be concerned with the AIDS battle. You are a true philanthropist.

Well, we can give you some props for at least saying you loved gays, which is more than we can say about 50 Cent and Chris Brown.

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