Simon Cowell, Denise Richards

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So True So False, STSF

Not everyone shares Charlie Sheen's caustic views of his ex-wife.

Strangely enough, while chatting with Howard Stern earlier this week, none other than Simon Cowell offered up his own flattering first-hand account of Denise Richards, a take, he claimed, that was based on more than just the usual mutual celebrity admiration society, but instead on a blind date he once had with the actress.

Wait, what?

The X Factor judge isn't exactly known for downplaying his accomplishments, so did he really hook up with Denise or was he just getting his machismo on for Stern's benefit? Believe it or not, this rumor is…

So false!

Though someone might want to break that news to Simon.

"I did have a bizarre kind of blind date with somebody once," Cowell told the Sirius XM radio host this week.

"Denise Lewis. Charlie Sheen's ex. Is it Denise?…Richards," he corrected himself. Clearly, theirs was a strong bond.

"She's cute. We went out on a blind date…what she didn't tell me was, we arranged to meet at a hotel, she turned up eight months pregnant, and had a dog in her handbag. But she is gorgeous."

After some questioning, Cowell clarified that rather than meeting in a hotel suite, they were set up to meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge.

"We met up afterwards. I like her a lot. She's cute, funny, a bit of a wacko. I like that."

However, it didn't take long for the tale to make its way back to Lewis Richards, who quickly clarified the nature of their meet-up.

"Unbelievable…what's wrong with people," she tweeted yesterday. "I was at a group dinner 8mo pregnant not sure how thats considered a date, news to me! If I was being set up I didn't know it!"

Not that she wouldn't have jumped at the chance had she been more aware.

"S--t I wish I knew that it was a date!!! He's a hot piece of ass," she tweeted.

She may get her chance soon. Cowell, who's been with maybe-fiancée Mezghan Hussainy for nearly two years, told Stern he was "not sure" if he was still engaged.

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