Tara Reid

Mike Marsland/WireImage.com

Hmm, we can't help but wonder if Charlie Sheen would have lasted longer.

In any event, Tara Reid found herself on Friday getting booted out of the house she had been sharing with other trainwrecks famous faces on the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother.

But the American Pie actress didn't go quietly...

During the usual post-eviction interview, Reid expressed her frustration at how she may have come across to TV viewers, who, in this version of the reality program, are the ones voting folks off.

"We shoot it for 24 hours, they edit it down to one hour, so I don't know what they show," she said to host Brian Dowling. "To be honest with you, what I've seen just of these clips right now, I'm not that happy with that. There was a lot of great times, [but] I feel like you guys took the toughest times of me and showed it, which is kind of sad. There were so many good things. If that's the only things that you guys showed in the hour, no wonder why people booed me."

Well, if nothing else, at least Reid has now been reunited with her brand spankin' new hubby!

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