Madonna, The Duke, Duchess of Windsor, King Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson

GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images; Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Our super sappy selves are über-excited for Madonna's new film, W.E.!

No, Madge's directing skillz aren't what's getting us in a tizzy (like those folks over in Venice). Heck, we even hear the movie isn't exactly spectacular. So what's got us gushing? We're obsessing over the movie's pivotal tale of love against all odds!

Tres romantic, no? Well, King Eddy brings it out in us:

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We're cheeseballs, we know, but this story of King Edward VIII (played by delish James D'Arcy, BTW) and his twice-divorced American love, Wallis Simpson beats even The Notebook in our opinion. For all you history-skimmin' folks, the guy abdicated the friggin' English throne to be with her, and they were each other's oxygen until death did they part.

We swoon.

Which got us thinkin' about all those celebrity loves who weren't supposed to make it but somehow totally did.

These celeb combinations haven't had it easy, but their reasons for relaysh troubles are as varied as you get: some duos had major internal issues, some were confronted with society's prejudice and some seemed to get serious way too fast to last.

But what unites all these H'wood lovers is that they're still going strong despite some serious doubts.

Ready to get all teary-eyed? Alright, get to clicking in our Against All Odds Love Stories gallery!

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