Arrested Development Cast

Art Streiber/FOX

He is the only man to ever confess "I blue myself."

And the best self-proclaimed "analrapist" (analyst-therapist) of all time.

And now, he is coming to the best family comedy currently on TV.

If you are a fan of both Arrested Development and Modern Family, you might wanna sit down for this, because we can confirm this gem of casting news:

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David Cross is coming to Modern Family.

We'll pause for a moment while you let that awesomeness sink in.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg, who first broke the news, Cross will play a city councilman, Duane, who will face off with Claire (Julie Bowen) on the upcoming third season of Modern Family, which premieres Sept. 21. No word yet on how many episodes he'll be doing.

Given how, er, passionate Claire tends to feel about issues such as "kindly" asking a neighbor to slow down (with supremely obnoxious and confusing neighborhood signs), we can only imagine how bat-poop nutzo she might be in a showdown with a city official. And David Cross, no less.

Anyone else excited about this casting...Or is it just us?

Oh, and you heard that in real life, Cross just got engaged to recent House star Amber Tamblyn, right?

Congrats on all the goodness, David!

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