Charlie Casablanca, Michael Vick

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We're not gonna touch the "whiteface" controversy (sorry ESPN, good article, creepy Photoshop). But we do have a thing or two to say about GQ's article, "The Impossible, Inevitable Redemption of Michael Vick."

Mickey is out and about with his seven-person PR team (and back on the field) talking 'bout how he's a changed man and what he's learned from his past disgraces. Don't tell us anyone's buying this bs?

Apparently so. Just not us.

And it is blaringly obvious that Vick's not buying it, either.

When asked if he has any remorse after the 544 days he served in prison for promoting dog fighting—which included, incidentally, finishing killing the dogs that weren't quite already dead after a fight—Vick, was pretty honest to the GQ reporter.

Usually, when speaking in public, Vick denounces dog fighting. He also loves teaming up with animal-loving organizations like the Humane Society. At least his publicists tell him he loves it.

But, to GQ, Vick was stupidly candid for a second and declared:

"It's almost as if everyone wanted to hate me. But, what have I done to anybody? It was something that happened. And it was people trying to make some money."

Now, clearly, Vick is hardly the money-making idiot, because once he "publicly" decried dog-fighting, the born-again football pro eventually nabbed a $100-million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick is now the third-highest paid player in pro football.

But what's more worrisome is that most of America seems to believe this convicted charlatan.

We're sure all you puppy-lovin' peeps don't need an exact reminder of Vick's crimes. But now, according to him and his fans (oh, there out there, just read the GQ piece), two years in the clink and a visit to Capitol Hill to back an anti-dog-fighting bill add up to justice being served. And we should all get over it.

Sure, they're good deeds, but what's missing? Remorse, at least according to sources close to him.

Guess we won't get that until Vick's contract is up.

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