Henry Cavill, Superman

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; DC Comics

Dear Ted:
I've never realized it before, but Henry Cavill is impossibly handsome. Have you seen those Superman pictures? This leads me to a familiar question, does he have any Vices?

Dear Faster Than a Speeding Bullet:
I'm sure you already know, but he's got a swoon-worthy British accent to match his muscles. No Vices yet though for our latest Superman, but he's still relatively green by H'wood standards. Maybe if he'd actually been cast as Edward Cullen like Stephenie Meyer wanted things would be different.

Dear Ted:
No tears for Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly? Or are you feeling this is a stunt breakup like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?
—Tell Me

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Dear Cry Me a River:
C'mon, doll. They're both gorgeous, über-rich celebs who will have no problem rebounding. And while I don't consider their breakup a publicity sitch (I don't think Timberbiel's was either, for the record), I would not be surprised, like, at all if these two linked back up in the near future.

Dear Ted:
I recently read an interview with the always handsome Colin Farrell, and he seemed really...normal. Did he really reform his ways (possibly B.V. ways?) or does he deserve an Academy Award?

Dear Bad Boy Gone Good:
While Colin is definitely not as wild as he once was, he's still a naughty boy behind-the-scenes. And we wouldn't have it any other way. That's one of the reasons we love him, after all.

Dear Ted:
I am wondering if Kanye West has a Vice. I know everyone hates him these days, but I just think he's a musical genius who happens to be missing a filter. He feels a certain way about something and he's not afraid to share it—kind of refreshing in this town filled with publicist-issued statements. I hope that translates to his personal life and he is Vice free!

Dear Yeezy Report:
No official Vices for the rapper; he's pretty open about his bad habits. Here's hoping he cleans up his potty mouth before he's hangin' with Beyoncé's baby tho, Some of his pals in the biz have earned themselves a spot in the Vice hall. Any guesses who?

Dear Ted:
I may be wrong, but you seem to genuinely dislike Taylor Lautner. Is it because of his less-than-stellar acting abilities, his lies or do you just think he is not a nice guy? Personally, I think he's gorgeous and he seems like a truly nice person. Am I totally wrong here?

Dear Tom Cruise Jr.:
I don't hate Taylor at all, Nic. I don't think he's got Oscar-worthy acting chops, but he's a nice enough dude. I just like to give him a hard time. Isn't that how people show they care these days?

Dear Ted:
I know Lea Michele has a crazy schedule with Glee, but at the end of the year the series goes on hiatus, so maybe she will have time to work on a movie? Do you have any news about producers wanting to cast Lea? I love Lea and want to see her in more movies!

Dear Big-Screen Broad:
Oh Lea will be on the big screen. She'll make sure of it. (That said, no official plans for anything yet.)

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