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Is it true that Prince William's house is haunted? Have they seen any ghosts?
—V.G, via the inbox

This is the royal family we're talking about. Everybody is a ghost. Anne Boleyn reputedly still walks around the Tower of London, holding her severed head and glaring at anybody who looks even vaguely like Jane Seymour. As for whether Will and Kate are specifically being haunted, at least some people are putting money on it ...

... and I speak of the couple's London pad, some newly refurbished apartments in London's Kensington Palace. The palace also was once home to Queen Victoria, as well as William's late mother, Diana.

But are there ghosts there? Well, do you believe in such things? If you do, you'll be thrilled to know that the most prominent ghost appears to be that of a dying king. George II allegedly has been spotted at Kensington, staring balefully out of the windows, still waiting for news from his troops.

Kensington also boasts its very own phantom feral child. In the late 1700s, some locals went into the woods and flushed out a kid who was living out in nature on his own. The kid was dubbed Peter the Wild boy. His image was included in a large painting of King George I's court at Kensington. Since then, people have claimed to see the boy cavorting about at Kensington's Room of the World.

As for whether we should buy the tales, I give you Benjamin Radford, scientific paranormal investigator and gentle skeptic, who says this about the Kensington Palace claims: "They seem pretty standard for haunted houses: tourists taking orb photos, feeling uneasy, etc."

Kensington is "certainly not thought of as one of the most haunted places in the world or anything," Radford tells me, "though it's important to realize that just about any old British building of import—Tower of London, Raynham Hall, various castles and dungeons—have some ghosts associated with it.

"If it's old, and anyone died in or near there in the past 300 years, surely someone has seen something they think is a ghost, and the local newspapers are happy to tell the story!"

And Kensington is more than happy to sell it. This Halloween, you can roam the halls of Kensington yourself, at night, and look for ghosts all you want. That is, if you can scare up $32 or so.

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