The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

Murray Close/Lionsgate

We apologize to you, dear bitchy readers. And please trust that we are sincere.

When we said The Hunger Games franchise was copying Twilight with its first-look release at the VMAs, turns out we were (kinda) wrong. How foolish of us to assume they were copying only our dear vamp flicks. So get your panties untwisted and pay attention:

So who else are these mucho anticipated Games emulating?

None other than Harry Potter of course!

We were très delighted to discover that The Hunger Games finally launched its official interactive website. That is, until we looked at the site.

If you haven't yet, take a peek—it'll take you all of two minutes.

Can you say Pottermore anyone? And, as we said when we started seeing similarities between Jennifer Lawrence's futuristic flick and Twilight, why not copy one of the most successful movie franchises of all time!

Smart biz move, we say.

But whereas the website for Potterheads keeps them entertained for hours, The Hunger Games site only left us wanting more.

As of now all we see is a weather update on a ticker and a countdown to the premiere. Heck, there's not even much about the actual movie. But at least you can sign up for Facebook and Twitter updates?

We dig the über-cool, very futuristic look but hope they copy Harry Potter again and actually add some content.

Until then, let us know: What District did you get assigned to?

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