Britney Spears

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Dear Ted:
I'm too old to have been a Britney Spears kid (more like Madonna era for me), but I was really drawn into her sad meltdown and have rooted for her ever since. Unlike Morgan Mayhem, Britney's troubles seemed less self-induced and bratty. Please tell me Britney is as healthy and happy as she appeared at the VMAs. Girl seems totally back on track, so I'm hoping you'll confirm that her darkest days are behind her!

Dear Seeing the Light:
Her darkest days are definitely behind her—as much as peeps want to drag them back to the surface. But even tho she was all smiles at the VMAs, Brit-Brit spent the whole night huddled away with Team Spears and interacted with as few people as possible. Oh well, guess we should just be happy she's made as much progress as she has, right?

Dear Ted:
DiCaprio seems to only date women under the age or 25 and Blake Lively is 24. How much longer will Leo keep her around? Will she get pass the 25 mark?
—Just Wondering

Dear Expiration Date:
Please, Bar Refaeil has an edge on Blake age-wise, and she stuck around for a while. And while Leo definitely likes ‘em young and pretty, Blake's crafty enough to make her man truly think that age is just a number. Well, until she gets in her late twenties, at least.

Dear Ted:
I love your take on everything Hollywood except maybe the whole Angelina Jolie thing since I'm a fan. I believe people can change even if some Vicey stuff remains. But what I wanted to know is if Strippa Rip-Ya is Megan Fox?

Dear Outfoxed:
Nope, but not a terrible guess. Strippa is more A-list than even Megan, though their talent levels might be equally bitched about. Plus, Megan has a much better sitch on the home front than Strippa does. And I mean much better.

Dear Ted:
You said that Olivia Wilde's B.V. isn't as bad as Olivia Munn's B.V. And that Wilde's B.V. is helping her career. Does Wilde's Vice have anything to do with her show House? And is Munn's so bad that if it gets out she could lose some of her fans?

Dear O-Face:
No and no. Olivia's Vice is attached to movie star Wilde, not her former boob-tube self (tho, I'm sure she'll bring her Vice to set with her when she returns to the show). And Munn fans know what they're getting into with the gal; she isn't too subtle.

Dear Ted:
I am one confused soul. Why? Well, I seriously thought—like many others—that Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis would go public with their coupledom after the release of Friends With Benefits. Have you seen all the interviews leading up to the release of the film? Many say it was a mere showmance, but it's much more than that. How can one possibly not see the serious (sizzling) chemistry between them?

Dear Friends Without Benefits:
Well they certainly had you fooled, babe, ‘cause if they were truly together, they definitely would have made it official before their flick hit the big screen. But pals are all these two are. For now.

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