The Twilight Saga: good. Superhero movies: good. The two of them together: um... Let's just say we haven't seen two rights make a wrong this awkward in a long time.

Not because vampires by day, superheroes by, well, later in the day Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli don't fill out their Wonder Twins costumes and wigs quite nicely.

But because these supposed siblings seem to like working a little too closely together, if you know what we mean.

The short skit, which makes good on the promise of the head-scratching, spandex-donning photo Reed sent into the Twittersphere last week, was released by College Humor yesterday.

In the skit—incidentally, directed by Facinelli himself—the dynamic duo auditions for the roles of DC Comics heroes Jayna and Zan, whose special abilities leave a little to be desired—not that turning into a turtle in a jar of water wouldn't be useful in some situations…

Still, their real ability seems to be in creeping out the audience, as these Wonder Twins are a tad on the touchy-feely side. Uh, more than a tad, actually.

Guess they're better suited to be vampires than superheroes. Just the way we prefer it.

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