Amanda Seyfried

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

So Amanda Seyfried is beautiful and a bit eccentric.

In London to promote the local premiere of Red Riding Hood, the actress revealed to reporters that she just bought a horse.

A dead horse that has been artfully stuffed and preserved, that is.

"I love good taxidermy, it's like art," Seyfried told the Daily Express. "A lot of people think it's weird but I don't know why."

She also told the U.K. Press Assocation about her latest purchase, a taxidermied horse named Antoine.

"I got another animal, I'm going to share," Seyfried said. "I bought a three-week-old just this week. Well, it was three weeks old when it died. [It's a] miniature horse." And it's headed for a very special place in her Los Angeles home...

"It's being shipped to L.A. as we speak. And it's going to be Finn's new best friend unless he tries to eat it. It's like this big, I can carry it."

Finn being her beloved (live) Australian sheep dog.

"It's very well done," Seyfried added. "It's the best taxidermy in the world."

So apparently, it was the wolf that should have been frightened in Red Riding Hood.

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