Can Derek Jeter Continue His Streak in Round 3? Vote in Athlebrity Madness!

Check out the latest round of baseball stars and vote for your fave!

By EOL Staff Mar 25, 2011 8:55 PMTags
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The regular season is drawing to a close! It's round three of our Athlebrity Madness tournament, and baseball's hottest stars are getting out the Big League chew and buckling down. It's up to you to name your favorite player who effortlessly blends his athletic skills with the spotlight of the celebrity world, morphing into that phenomenon known as the Athlebrity.

Round two was full of upsets. Check out the results!

Only one player coasted easily through his matchup: Yankees star Derek Jeter, who sent David Ortiz home after pulling in 67 percent of the vote.

On the upset side of things, Minnesota's Joe Mauer sent Dodger star (and former Rihanna boy-toy) Matt Kemp packing after grabbing 53 percent, and Phillie Chase Utley ended slugger Albert Pujols' season with 58 percent. Another shocker came as Giants star pitcher Brian Wilson was relieved by Josh Hamilton, who bested the bearded wonder with 64 percent of the vote. Sorry, Brian, hope this doesn't make you think that beard is unlucky.

So who's it going to be in the next round? The choice is yours. Can Jeter bring it all home? Will Mauer continue to upset? Can Hamilton and Utley keep their underdog streak going? Vote now! And be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @eonlineSports.


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Game 3.1
Derek Jeter
Josh Hamilton
Game 3.2
Joe Mauer
Chase Utley

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