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Talk about your drab interiors.

Nate Berkus was hospitalized Tuesday with appendicitis and is awaiting surgery, a rep for his syndicated talk show tells People.

In fact, the former Oprah Winfrey Show standout was on the talk-show circuit when he fell ill.

"He was on the Today show this morning and he wasn't feeling well," the rep said. "He powered through and then went straight to the hospital after that, and they learned he had appendicitis."

"I don't think people realized how ill he was," the rep added, explaining that Berkus didn't feel well before his Today appearance but opted not to cancel.

He was definitely too sick to proceed with taping two episodes of The Nate Berkus Show afterward, however.

The heartthrob interior designer is expected to undergo an appendectomy, after which "doctors expect a quick recovery," the rep said. "It's anticipated that he will be back next week."

The Nate Berkus Show debuted in September.

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