Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols

Courtesy of Global Green USA

If there's one couple activity that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols love, it's saving the world (as long as no nudity is required, duh!). So we weren't too shocked to find out that Soph and her One Tree Hill costar slash BF were up to their do-gooding again, this time making a compilation CD to aid gulf rescues.

So do you totally heart this charitable couple? Or are you finally sick of their saintly sweetness?

Listen, we're tres thrilled that celebs are still drumming up attention for the gulf (cause things aren't just magically fixed down there now that the telethons have ended). It's totally cool that Sophia and her guy would rather go green than wild but...

Why the heck do they have to be so boring?

Kudos galore to the twosome for their environmentalism, but where the heck is the spice in their relaysh? We know S. and A. aren't into the whole H'wood scene but would a sexy tweet back and forth or playful smooch in public kill them?

Hiking and picking out indie rock songs is nice and all, but they might as well be double-dating on ice cream runs or apple picking outings with BFF Jake Gyllenhaal and his new (gag) GF Taylor Swift.


At least we can thank S. and A. for not forcing their lovey dovey adorableness down our throats à la Gyllenswift (Or is it Jaylor 2.0? Swiftenhall? Are we even going to bother naming 'em?). Just wait until J. and T. release their mix CD of songs that get them all hot 'n' bothered between coffee dates.

Yuck. Oh well, thanks again for helping out the oil-soaked birdies, ya love birds!

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