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On December 3, The Soup will air its 300th episode. As part of the festivities, we're inviting you to vote for your favorite Soup moment of all time in the poll below. And, over the course of the week, we'll be highlighting a number of the moments on the list to give you an insider's  peek at them. Today, we're breaking down the Britney Spears shoot...






Remember back in 2006 when Britney Spears was hurtling towards self-destruction faster than child services could throw their hands up in defeat and say, "Sorry Sean Preston, but you're screwed?" We sure do. It was quite a time. That woman kept us busy. 

And this sketch, believe it or not, was somewhat of an epic undertaking for us. Mainly because it involved using a 50-foot green screen in the scorching Los Angeles heat all while trying to stay out of the way of annoyed E! employees while we partially blocked the entrance to the parking garage. 

Former Soup producer Aaron Barrocas (he's since passed another show) directed the shoot and went through no fewer than two and a half packs of cigarettes before the day was done. The damage to his lungs may be permanent, but so was the glory he caught on tape.

And that glory was created the only way we knew how: by forcing an overworked and underpaid PA to stand on a ladder and dangle a dead hawk attached to fishing wire over a fake baby in a car while Barrocas screamed at him to stop sweating on the talent.

Speaking of talent, that's producer Kelly Andrews-Levy in the role of Britney Spears. And that's writer Tess Rafferty's car in the role of Britney Spears' car. 

So enjoy this classic Soup moment, and then take some time to vote for your favorite. Remember, people died for your right to vote in basic cable clip show polls on the internet. Don't let their sacrifices be in vain.

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