Susan Boyle, Britans got talent


It sure seemed like Susan Boyle, that lovable lil' bundle from Britain, could do no wrong. The unlikely lass has gone from unknown village warbler to international singing sensation, all the way to the stage of The View this very morning.

But right there on live TV, amid enough stage fog to choke a moor, Boyle delivered a big throaty lump of coal on the cherished Christmas classic "O Holy Night." 

Apparently she was unaware that this was live, spontaneous and real. Unlike American Idol.



Covering for the apparent frog in Boyle's throat, Viewster Sherri croaked, "There is something of an angel that comes out when you open your mouth."

Sure, Sherri. If "something" is the part of an angel made of haggis and clootie dumpling gas.

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