Mark Ruffalo

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So True So False, STSF

Mark Ruffalo is a threat to national security. Or is he?

Reports have been popping up this week that the low-key, critically adored indie king has been deemed a possible terror threat and had his name added to a terror watch list compiled by, of all places, the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security.

So, are Ruffalo's boyish good looks and effortless charm simply the world's greatest terrorist cover-up? Is he really on a watch list? Brace yourselves for the inevitable pat-downs, this rumor is…

So false! If you believe The Man, that is.

Which clearly Ruffalo doesn't. Either that, or nobody's bothered to set him straight.

"It's pretty f--king funny," he told GQ of the alleged watch listing, which was purportedly put in place after the actor voiced concerns and took part in protests over the dangers of natural gas drilling in support of his new documentary, Gasland.

However, this whole Hollywood actor-as-suspected-terrorist thing has appeared to have gotten way out of hand (imagine that).

"His name is not in any of our bulletins," Maria A. Smith, the spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "There is no list, we never even had a list."

And even if they did, Ruffalo's name probably wouldn't be on it. Still, any publicity…

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