Catt Sadler

Hope everyone is recovering from their tryptophan comas. I have less of a tummy ache from pumpkin pie and more of a bellyache from all the laughs served up during my holiday weekend.

I was here on the set of E News until Wednesday afternoon, but then set out to execute my Turkey Day Surprise! I flew on a red-eye from LA to my hometown of Indianapolis early Thanksgiving morning. From the airport I loaded up my rent-a-car and cruised south through the countryside to my sister's house. That's where she, my brother, my mother, nieces and nephews…EVERYONE (but me) would be gathering around the table to gnaw on a good old fashioned Hoosier feast.

About 20 minutes before my surprise arrival, my mom texted me expressing her disappointment that I wouldn't be with the family, but how I should get near my computer so that we could Skype. Brilliant! Here they thought I was home alone with my cats in Los Angeles… yet in reality I was driving down the Indiana highway with a big fat bow wrapped all around me. ;)

Knock Knock and the tears began to fall. A few gasps, lots of smiles, and bear hugs.  My mom – straight from the kitchen – was proudly displaying the blue apron I made in Home Economics class in the 7th grade. The surprise was a success and the visit was fantastic.

I'm a little wiped out from the traveling and a wee sleepy today at work, but that was undoubtedly one of the best surprises I've ever pulled off.

How about you? Good surprise stories? DO TELL!



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