She may have wanted to be home in time for Thanksgiving, but Demi Lovato apparently hedged her bets just in case. Good decision, in retrospect.

Which is how the 18-year-old Sonny With a Chance star appeared to wish fans a "Happy Thanksgiving" in a brief video message last week. As any Disneyphile well knows, Lovato remains in treatment for "physical and emotional issues" and did not make it out for the holiday weekend—and certainly not to record a 13-second video.

So what gives?

Simply this:a source close to Lovato explains that the video, released on YouTube by her fan club last Wednesday, was actually recorded well in advance of the holiday—and her entry into treatment.

Which is likely news to none of the crack viewers who surmised as much over the long weekend (guess they had plenty of time to go over the evidence—er, footage). The would-be Sherlocks looked closely at her locks (correctly deducing that Demi's most recent hair color is several shades darker than it appears in the video) and analyzed the location of the setting (dressing room backstage at the Jonas Brothers tour, is that you?).

So, well done fans. Frighteningly well done.

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