Lily Allen

You might think that after all she's been through these last few months, Lily Allen has earned a small reprieve from the ever-intrusive tabloid press. But you'd be wrong.

Cutting quite short the unofficial moratorium of speculation about the personal life of the still-recovering Brit popster, the Daily Mail came out guns blazing against Allen this week.

And wouldn't you know it? Lily wasted no time in firing right back. That's our girl!

Trouble started brewing yesterday morning, when the British tabloid ran a story titled "A New Year Wedding to Ease Lily Allen's Baby Grief" that claimed the 25-year-old popster and her 32-year-old partner, Sam Cooper, were planning to ring in 2011 with the swapping of vows.

The ceremony was in the cards prior to Allen's tragic miscarriage while six months pregnant, a source told the paper, and the couple wanted to go through with the wedding as a way of getting over the "devastating blow."

As often tends to happen when relying on not so well-placed, anonymous sources, the paper got the story wrong. We know, try and contain your shock.

Yesterday morning after catching wind of the story, Allen took to Twitter and told the reporter, "I THINK you're a c--t, leave me out of your s--tty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life.

"Theres a time and a place for your musings where i'm concerned, and it's not now."

Which seems fair (if ever so slightly foul-mouthed) to us, but that's actually tweet No. 2 on the topic, as the original was deemed by the paper to be a bit too over the top.

Originally, Allen had written to the reporter, "you're a lying c--t, leave me out of your s--tty column, you know nothing. I'm sorry, but there's a time and a place for disrespectful, badly researched or just made up journalism. It's not now."

However, Lily noted that the writer, "has been in touch and has threatened to consult her lawyer if I don't take that tweet down. She thinks it was too heavy-handed. So I'll amend it."

Shame. If you can dish it out, you really ought to be able to take it.

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