Spoiler alert! We know how one Amazing Race storyline ends: Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith are married! And pregnant!

That was fast...

The duo's romance blossomed during the current season of Amazing Race, when 26-year-old Waltrip popped the question to Smith on-camera during the show, after dating for only five months. 

After the newly cemented Waltrips were eliminated from the show (in the episode that aired last week but taped months ago), they put their relationship into hyperdrive.

The couple revealed that they have already wed and are prepping for diaper duty. 

"We were going to get married in March, but we didn't see the point in waiting because I'm three months pregnant and due in June," Stephanie, 23, tells People. "In fact we're driving back from Ponte Vedra Beach [in Florida], where we had a small wedding at a friend's house." 


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