Sarah Palin


Dear Ted:
I'm going to play devil's advocate for a moment regarding Sarah Palin. You are concerned with the ratings of her show being pretty high because you seem to think that all of the people that watch it are going to vote for her. Not true. I watch the show because I find it entertaining, and I do not agree with many of Palin's views. Also, being a young person, I hear the rude terms that Willow used very often by some of my peers, though I have made it clear to them that I find them inappropriate and degrading. My point is that we do not know where she learned this language, and we should not just assume it was from her parents. It is a horrible thing that kids are using words like those with zero repercussions. We have already seen the outcome these slurs have on teens. Everyone should speak up when they hear them.

Dear Devil's Due:
It's nice to know someone out there, besides Karina Smirnoff, believes there is no such thing as that little old Tea Party conspiracy. But wake up and smell that Palin gun powder: That family has some major issues, and we wouldn't be surprised if they all (slurs included) came out to play at the dinner table for a crazy-ass Palin Turkey Day yesterday. Let's just hope Willow doesn't try to take on Mama Bear, that's where things could get real ugly. Oh, and one more very important question: As far as Palin in 2012 goes, why the hell would anyone elect a woman who quit the elected position she already had (as governor) to go write books and be a reality TV puppet?

Dear Ted:
Mucho rumblings in the Alexander Skarsgård fandom about his lack of inclusion in People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. What's your take on this? He's been acting very surly lately and has suddenly dropped off the radar? Yes, he's been filming Battleship and preparing for filming of True Blood, but many in the fan world are even hoping he squeezes in a home trip to Sweden to regain his smile. Thoughts?

Dear Sunken Ship:
You all are still grumbling about that list? Sure, he should have made the True Blood season and a paparazzi-friendly relaysh ago. There's no denying that A.Skars' sex-appeal lost its bite when he started playing this Hollywood fame game. Maybe we'll see him get his sexy back promoting Battleship—or, ya know, he'll get outshined by ab-tastic Taylor Kitsch.

Dear Ted:
After seeing pictures of Taylor Swift lately, I noticed a big difference in her appearance...or should I say small. No, it wasn't just the fab, straight hair. Taylor has always been a skinny girl, but now she is very, very skinny. Do people not notice because she is "America's Sweetheart"? Tell me you have noticed this, too.
—Skin and Bones

Dear Teardrops on My Chocolate Bar:
Tay has always been on the petite side, but I agree she's been looking extra twiggy lately. Weird too, since she's been licking all that ice cream with Jake Gyllenhaal. Don't worry too much, though, worrying about her weight isn't the Vice that'll come back to haunt her.

Dear Ted:
You state that Nick Lachey walked out on Jessica Simpson. It always seemed, based on his music/interviews, etc. and Jessica's attitude that Jessica is the one that left him. Fame seemed to be going to her head and she simply didn't want to be married anymore. But it seemed as if he really loved her. I know this was years ago, but what's the real story? Who was at fault for their marriage ending? She isn't gonna be with another guy as good or as hot as Nick!

Dear Newlyweds No More:
One person can't be at fault for a marriage ending, S. It's a two-person thing, and Jess and Nick definitely both had some relaysh problems that led to them calling it quits. Sure, one more than the other—though who may surprise you...or not—but it's safe to say they both are hoping for a better run this next time down the aisle.

Dear Ted:
I've been an avid reader for the longest time, and I'm dying to hear some news about my gal, Hilary Duff. I haven't really seen pics of Hil with her new hubby, well, since their wedding. With all the rumors going around about how the hubster likes to play the "rink," what's really the sitch with these two? I really hope everything works out for her! xoxo.

Dear Over the Hil:
Believe it or not, Hil actually has a...well, sometimes busy schedule (she's got a book to pimp, at least?) which means she can't always be at her hubby's side. But don't worry, because she sure as heck isn't. Hilary isn't exactly Eva Longoria, now is she?

Dear Ted:
Here's something I'm dying to know. Obviously you and your A.T. staff know the identities of the Blind Vices, but what about the larger E! family? Would Ryan and Giuliana ever be caught gabbing at the water cooler about how dashing Nevis Divine looks in a suit?

Dear Keeping It in the Family:
And risk ‘em letting it slip on the nightly News or during a red-carpet interview? Heck no! Heart Ry and Giuliana, but all the dirty Vice biz stays within Team Truth. Period.

Dear Ted:
I completely understand everyone wanting Robsten to ditch the cancer sticks. They're unhealthy, smelly and just, eww. But let's be real; Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not Edward and Bella. They're young and famous, and if the worst they do is smoke a ciggie occasionally, that's on them. I think we have to quit putting celebrities on this pedestal of morality expecting them to be role models. At the end of the day, they're just people. If your B.V.s don't make us see that, nothing will!

Dear Up in Smoke:
Who said this was their worst habit? Not me, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
Would Eva Longoria be eligible for a new Blind Vice moniker were she to Vice again? And how are you doing on your smoke war? Hope you're kicking ass!

Dear Longing for Vices:
Nope...Well, not unless I revealed the dirty laundry she's already got in our Vice vault (which I just might!). But don't expect that to happen anytime soon—she's already got her lawyers on call for the divorce grand-standing. But trust, she will Vice again.

Dear Ted:
Is Camille Grammer as shallow and insecure as she seems on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or is it just an act for the cameras?

Dear Fraiser Fallout:
Yes and no, without question.

Dear Ted:
Thoughts on the Millionaire Matchmaker's match of James Franco and Jennifer Aniston. I personally think it's so crazy it just might be the best couple ever. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

Dear Franiston Fan:
All wrong in so many ways! First of which is that James is the high-strung artist type, while Jen is mellow with her margaritas. It'd never last—but it'd definitely make for some interesting tabloid covers.

Dear Ted:
Why is Paris Hilton all of a sudden hanging with Brooke Mueller? Pray tell!

Dear BFFor Now:
A mutual love for the fine arts? Riveting conversations about politics? A battle of wits not rivaled except by anyone outside of Mensa? Or you know, they're doing a reality show because neither one of these ladies can get attention any other way.

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